Team Building

We have a large portfolio of events so take a look, let us know which ones you like the look of and we will tailor an event to incorporate your choices along with adapting it to fit with your objectives and budget.

Magnum Events believes that successful team building events are built around your objectives and we offer our clients flexible packages tailored around your individual needs, you’d be surprised how people interpret ‘team building’ differently, so we’d like to know what it means to you, keeping that that the main focus.

For the past 16 years we have organised 100’s of team building events for large corporates, smaller businesses and everything in between all with great success and creating a real ‘buzz’ back in the office the next day.

Our team activities can help with:

Team Bonding

Leadership Skills

Time Management

Learning New Skills





Leadership Skills

Team Building

Time Management

Learning New Skills





We asked the team to re-call some of their favourite events organised and they said:

  • The VIP Chase for 120 people which involved 30 people carriers, 2 helicopters, 8 Sunseekers, 8 4×4 off-road jeeps and sunny weather!
  • Money Bonanza for 2 companies that had merged together and no-one was engaged, the feedback the next day was really positive with people sharing photos and laughing about what they got up to
  • RIB Treasure Hunt on the Solent using 30 RIB’s – great event for a large group out on the water!
  • Multiple Hollywood Blockbuster events – People’s imaginations go wild and the results are funny
  • Treasure Hunt in Prague for 400 people, lovely city for exploring
  • Any Ready Steady Bake event as the results are yummy!
  • Country Pursuits day for a small company which resulted in them having a great afternoon and are now regular clients

You pick, you mix!

Flexible activities to meet
YOUR team building objectives!

Team Building

The Bigger Picture

This is all about achieving the bigger picture as one whole team. Groups will be amazed at what they have achieved when they stand back and admire their masterpiece.

Hollywood Blockbuster

Calling all aspiring thespians and directors! Groups will get into character, plan, script, direct, perform and edit their very own 5-minute blockbuster

Piece of Cake

Ready to get creative in the edible sense? Teams get creative by decorating some sweet treats. Our sugar chefs are on hand to give advice, tips and techniques

Football Team Challenge

Football but not at all athletic but it is addictive - Can you kick it? Yes, you can!

Crystal Haze

Time to compete in the different zones……… each one will have a variety of tricky mental puzzles and fun tasks.

Money Bonanza

It’s all about the money!! The goal is to collect as much fun money as you possibly can by competing on a variety of challenges.

Cupcake Creations

Being creative, eating yummy cakes, this is a great event for teams to bond over!

Challenge 100

The clock is ticking and you and your team have 100 challenges to complete! How many will you complete within the allotted time frame!


Teams have to create their own chocolates and then design the branding and marketing.

Teamwork Challenge

Think Crystal Maze, but with a little less 90s! This fun team challenge has something for everyone.

Commercial Break

Ever watched an advert and thought, ‘what a pile of rubbish. I could do better than that!’ well, here’s your chance to do exactly that!


Your team will be faced with four zones, each one will have a variety of tricky mental puzzles and fun physical tasks. Bring your logic and negotiation skills to be in with a chance to be the Krypton team of the day!

Kitchen Challenge

Watched the cookery programs on the TV and think you can do better, well now it is your turn!

Big Toys For All

This nostalgic event is so much fun and perfect for team building. We don't want and tantrums though, so you've got to play nicely!

Wacky Races

Our philosophy for this event – the wackier the better! Working as a team, you and your colleagues will build the best and most original themed kart.

The VIP Chase

The aim here is to reach a top-secret location first, but to get there, you need to work out how. With the help of helicopters, 4x4’ and RIB’s you may find that secret destination.

The Ultimate Game Show

This is the game show to end all game shows! A subtle blend of all your favourite TV game shows put into one big corporate challenge.

The Chase

Can you beat the other teams and be the 1st team to find the secret location? Who will succeed and claim the top spot?

Team Dance

Looking for something a bit different and fun? Then our dance experiences might be what you are looking for.

Team Apprentice

This is ideal for teams with entrepreneurial flair and encourages quick thinking, problem solving and innovative ideas.

Spy School

Channel your inner Spy in this fast paced event. You and your team will be trained at the Magnum Events’ super-secret spy agency that will put MI5 to shame…

School Sports Day

Take it back to the good ol’ days with our school sports day event. Track and field is back but with a wacky and fun twist.

Ready Steady Bake

Watched the cookery programs on the TV, think you can do better, well now it is your turn!

Quiz/Pub Game Evening

A popular team building evening, but this is no ordinary quiz and we bring the pub entertainment with us!

Office Olympics

This event will definitely bring out your inner Olympian! Your aim is to rack up as many medals as you can, so communication and teamwork is vital here.

Motorsports Unlimited

Absolutely ideal for petrol heads, this event will be sure to get you revved up with a whole host of driving activities to take part in.

Gala and Themed Evenings

Looking to add the ‘Wow’ factor to your company party or Gala dinner, then one of the best ways of doing this is to add décor and entertainment or perhaps theme the room.

Dash for Cash

The clock is ticking and you only need a certain amount of time to collect as much cash as you can – will you be the team with the most money when the Klaxon sounds?

Country Pursuits

You don’t need to be a country bumkin to enjoy this event with a huge range of activities on offer for you and your colleagues to try.

Cocktail Crazy

This is a fun and inter-active evening, great for boosting team morale and learning some skills at the same time.

All the Fun of the Fair

Enjoy going to the fairground? With this event we can re-create that ‘Fairground Feeling’

Small Groups – Team Building

Are you looking to build a tighter-knit group? We’ve got the perfect event for you.

Fun Days

Our corporate fun day packages are a unique way to show your appreciation to your employees for their hard work.


Do you need to re-energise your delegates at a conference? We have the perfect solutions to get everyone energised and boost audience engagement.

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