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Challenge 100

This is a fun fast paced event that will really make people work as a team as the better they communicate and work out each other’s strength’s the more challenges they will be able to complete.

On arrival our event team will introduce themselves and divide everyone into teams and explain the format of the event.

Then the clock starts and it is counting down…. teams must make their way to the different zones and try and complete as many challenges as possible, the better they do at each challenge, then bonus points are awarded. This high energy event creates a real ‘buzz’ in the room particularly when the clock as teams race around to complete as many challenges as possible!

The winning team is generally the ones who communicated best, worked out their colleagues skill set and could work under pressure better.

Once the Clock has stopped, it’s time for the results to see how many of the challenges teams did manage to complete and how well they did. Prizes are awarded for the Challenge 100 best team of the day.

This event can be run at any indoor location and we can recommend suitable venues.

Good for: Time management, team bonding, interaction, engagement

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