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Spy School

MI5 might be looking for a new team of super spy’s and with this event you’ll be trained ready for your mission.

The mission, should you choose to accept it, will be given to you from our very own Director General and teams will be set various mission tasks, which will include weapons and driver training along with fitness (you don’t have to be that fit) and code cracking.

The event starts with our DG briefing teams on the various tasks they have to complete, then teams head off to their different camps to be trained by our instructors. After an initial training the teams then compete on the various missions being scored by our instructors along the way as they look for the ultimate super Spy Team.

All the missions can be adapted to suit your group and participants will have been able to learn new skills having had fun along the way.

This event can be run at any venue that has a good amount of flat outside space and we can recommend venues that would be suitable for this event.

Good for: Teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, leadership

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