Team Building Events

The Chase

Arriving at the venue, teams will gather and listen to our event team who will give the teams an overview of the event ahead. Each team will be given their own ‘explorer kit’ complete with tablet.

Teams will need to work together to solve clues to get them to different ‘check points’, each ‘check point’ has a challenge which varies in terms of difficulty (the harder the challenge the more points earnt) so teams will need to decide amongst themselves which one to compete on. Did we mention that the whole event is timed? Teams must ensure they arrive at the checkpoints within their allotted time frame otherwise there could be points deductions!

Once the teams have found the final secret location, they will be rewarded with coffee and cake and take a rest whilst all the scores are counted up and then it’s time for the prize giving!

This is an outdoor event that can be tailored to run at any location and we can recommend areas that would be suitable for this event.

Good for: Teamwork, interaction, leadership, team bonding, time management

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