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Wacky Races

A Go-Kart challenge with a creative twist; by working as a team to build the best and most original themed kart, teams compete against each other at different stages that all build up to the parade and the final race.

Decide your teams ahead of the event or our ‘race track controller’ can split you into teams. Once the teams have been briefed then the challenges can begin. It is your team’s task to collect as much funds as possible by participating in a range of challenges.

Teams must theme their go-karts and will be required to design and decorate their karts ready for the parade and final race. The event involves every member of the team confirming that success can be achieved by working together, combined with a lot of fun on the way.

The wackier the better is the name of the game here!

The event finishes with the race and the winning team is crowned and given the ‘fizz’ to spray around!

This event can be run at any venue that has flat outside space and we can recommend venues that would be suitable for this type of event.

Good for: Creativity, teamwork, fun, leadership, interaction

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