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Small Groups – Team Building

We have a varied selection of team challenges designed for small groups to encourage teamwork, improve communication, leadership and relationship skills, as well as problem solving. Very practical, but fun at the same time, which is what we all want!

This event is tailored to your specific requirements, so we can package an event that will fit with all your requirements.

One of our team will find out a little bit more about your group and then design an event that has plenty of fun challenges that your team will have to tackle together to succeed.

On the day our event manager will gather everyone together to describe the event and how it will work. We will divide you up into teams (or you can pick your own) and then it’s off to compete on the various challenges, the better the teams do they more points they will score as we search for the ultimate winning team.

This event can be run at any venue and can also be run outdoors and we can recommend venues that would be suitable.

Good for: Teamwork, collaboration, problem solving, interaction

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We can tailor our team building activities to your requirements, so if you don’t see something you were looking for get in touch with us.