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Team Apprentice

Based loosely on the popular TV series, this event is all about finding the next big team – could it be you?

Picture yourself and your team getting into executive people carriers with their own driver, an iPad, GPS and a whole host of tasks ahead of them. Do you reckon your team will be up for the challenge?

We would recommend you picking teams ahead of arriving on the event but we are more than happy to choose for you. Once the teams are in their groups our very own ‘Mr Big’ will advise the groups of the plans for the next few hours and what he expects from them.

The teams then disperse to the car park to find their own people carrier with chauffeur driver standing by. Let the challenges begin, teams head off to complete their tasks in the allotted time, arrive back late and there will be some points deduction as time keeping is very important to Mr Big.

The event finish’s in the boardroom with Mr Big scrutinizing the teams completed tasks, questioning the teams on how they completed the tasks and then Mr Big will reveal which team are his ultimate Apprentice’s.

This event can be run from any venue that is close to a town or city centre and we can recommend venues that would be suitable for this event.

Good for: Teamwork, collaboration, leadership, time management, interaction

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