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Ready Steady Bake

So we have all watched those contestants on TV and thought I am sure I could have done better or that looks like fun and with this event let your culinary skills take over and see what you and your team can create.

Each team will have their own cook station, with mini oven, as well as recipe cards and all the necessary equipment they will need to help them create their team treats. With 3 different challenges it’s all about teamwork to get them made and baked and ready to be decorated with icing, sweets, toppings and sparkles.

Our chefs are on hand to help teams along the way and make sure there is no skullduggery taking place, (we have caught teams attempting to lower the cooking temperature on their colleague’s ovens!)

Once all the bakes are ready, teams need to take them to the top table where they will be judged by our top chef, which team will be the winners and who might get awarded the wooden spoon.

This event can be run at a variety of venues and our event team can advise what the requirements are to run this event.

Good for: Collaboration, team bonding, interaction, engagement

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