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School Sports Day

Everyone loves a school sports day, even if it was just for the ice cream and an afternoon out of lessons.

This is a fun-packed event that encourages team bonding as you support your fellow pupils as they hop, skip and bound (or face plant) to possible victory.

In traditional school style you’ll be split into house teams and go head to head against each other – no ponytail pulling or shin kicking please!

The event starts with our very own headmaster briefing the different ‘house teams’ of the rules ahead and then the teams head off to either the ‘track’ area to compete on all those traditional games like the ‘egg and spoon’, ‘sack race’ and don’t forget the 3 legged and obstacle race.

On the field side get ready for some javelin and discus (well our versions of these!). Our teachers will be on hand scoring the ‘house teams’ as they compete in the various activities looking for the winning ‘house team’.

The event finishes with a prize giving ceremony and an ice cream for all competitor’s, well we have to finish with a treat!

This event can be run at any venue that has outside space but can also be run indoors and we can recommend venues that would be suitable for this event.

Good for: Team bonding, fun, energising, interaction

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