Team Building Events

Dash for Cash

This fast paced event is great for boosting team morale as the more the teams work together to complete challenges the more fun money they will earn – the ones at the end of the event with the highest amount will be rewarded.

We recommend you have your teams in place before arriving on the event and after a few warm up exercises (more fun than fitness!) it’s time to get started… first off the ‘Cash Cube’, allocate a member of your team to enter the cube and grab as much money as possible (find someone with big pockets) in 30 seconds!

Each of the teams will then compete on various activities and the better they do the more money they will earn. Each activity is timed so teamwork is essential for earning the most money available.

There is the ‘Joker’ to play at some point, so know your team strengths and use the ‘Joker wisely as it will double up your money!

This event can be run at any venue that has outdoor space but can also be run inside as well and our team can recommend venues that would be suitable.

Good for: Teamwork, time management, problem solving, interaction, leadership

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